Spiritual Awakening, Enlightenment & Born Again

A totally new and unknown way of doing life exists

I want to offer a brief description of the terms spiritual awakening, enlightenment and being born again in case you've never heard these expressions before.

For thousands of years, there existed people around the globe who were determined to find out why human beings suffered and if another, non-physical dimension was the basis of our material world. It became the life goal of a select few to free themselves of their personal suffering and to discover their true, immaterial, formless nature.

For this purpose, society's everyday ambitions were forfeited and a path of worldly renunciation was followed. These explorers of non-material reality were considered throughout human history spiritual and/or religious aspirants. They lived either in solitude or within the confines of a monastery.

Usually, the living conditions were extremely harsh and difficult to endure. Various arduous physical and mental practices were performed for long hours each day. The objective was to still one's mind, emotions, instinctual physical drives and automatic behaviors to such a degree that one day one would be able to see beyond them.

Due to the severity of these lifestyles, the habitual, physical-world-only point of view had a chance to collapse. When such a break occurred, a person got to know first hand, via a direct, clear-seeing, the formlessness of our material world.

Eastern spiritual traditions call this particular moment in time when this breakthrough happens Spiritual Awakening or Enlightenment. As in: being awakened or enlightened to the true nature of life, which is nothingness. Christian religions call this same clear-seeing Being Born Again. As in: being born of spirit, recognizing first-hand one's nothingness nature.

The moment a person perceives how life truly works, a seeming invisible door is ripped open that had blocked the non-dual view. Similar to my glimpse at the age of twenty-eight, the resulting experience, for some people, is immensely vast, limitless, joyful and peace invoking. For others, the peek into ultimate reality can be devastating. Identifying the emptiness and void-aspect of our colorful world and one's own self can be at first, extremely disheartening and destabilizing.

To directly know one's own essential, void-like nature is the reason why people throughout history were willing to sacrifice the joys and pleasures of ordinary life. However, achieving this breakthrough was incredibly rare. Attaining true freedom wasn't guaranteed even after committing one's entire life to spiritual and/or religious practices. The imprisoning force of the inherited programmed self-structure was almost impossible to pierce through. Yet, the promise of being freed from suffering drew people onto the renunciate path nonetheless.

In this day and age, ever more people seek the freedom they intuitively know is possible for them but without being pulled to join a monastery or live in isolation and solitude. Desperately longing to find true freedom, many people are hard pressed these days to know exactly what's required in order to live life without suffering.

To make this incredibly hard to grasp matter understandable, I created the Visual eBook True Freedom versus Self-Improvement - A Life Without Suffering Can Be Yours. The unique visuals will allow you to understand what's entailed in spiritual awakening, enlightenment and being born again. You can read 36 pages for free by clicking here.

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