Change your Life in 42 Days

Thank you for your interest in potentially working with me. I hope you read through my About Me page so that you have gotten to know me a little bit already. I have been through quite a journey since 2006, which allows me to see, know and understand life very differently from most experts in the market place. If you have not yet read my About Me page, please access it by clicking here. It is important you know my background otherwise the following information will not make much sense to you. 

In the rest of this document I will provide more information about my one on one Change your Life in 42 Days intensive signature program.

My work's current personal and professional intent

I have come to understand that every human being is bound by four levels of programming. that I am offering my clients with my unique form ofConstellation Work to Deprogram the Personal Self. The openness, joy, delight and freedom is immense that is experienced after being freed of unconscious, inherited programming. To assist the best possible way, I created the one-on-one intensive program This one of a kind, incredibly potent program of one-on-one time with me for six entire weeks can be accessed from the comfort of your own home, no matter where in the world you are located.

My unique 5-Level Release Work

My current work comprises five levels. Not all people will address all five levels in their work with me. In fact, most people will address only the first two or three levels. However, I hold the vision and awareness of all five. This allows my clients to get in touch with the vibration of freedom that is innate and thus always present with them.

At the first level, I employ the insights, understanding and wisdom I gained during my Liberation Process to help my clients grasp the difference between their programmed self and their immortal, true Self.

At the second level, I utilize the trans-generational principles I acquired from Family Constellation Work to assist my clients to release their inherited mental, emotional and instinctual programming, which keeps their powerful Essence trapped.

At the third level, I help my clients understand what I learned from Shamanism. Our personal issues are simultaneously collective issues. I encourage my clients to see the bigger picture. By releasing their programming, they are contributing to loosen the stranglehold humanity’s collective mental-emotional-instinctual programming has over them. It is these collective vibratory forces that make programming so incredibly sticky and hard to release.

At the forth level, my own process showed me that, at the very core, all programming revolves around individual survival and self-preservation. How are we unconsciously organizing our life so that our survival, well-being and success are assured? What do we say yes or no to in order to feel safe, loved, wanted and that we count? True Freedom requires that we free all our programming on all four levels. These four levels are anchored deeply in each person’s genetic imprint and must be released with care, respect and love.

At the fifth level, I help my clients understand when we allow our true nature to be in charge, the programmed four levels are no longer part of our life. We will be moved in a way that benefits all beings. Impulses generated by our personal self towards our own success and gain at the expense of others will no longer surface. It would stagger our imagination to know what kind of life could be created when masses of people would begin to operate from their true Self. Creating a world where all life prospers would be a foregone conclusion. This holistic, all-inclusive mindset would be completely logical and rational. It's impossible to comprehend with our current consciousness the changes that could be produced overnight.

Who are your clients?

I work with people just like you who are tired of the never-ending project of self-improvement and personal transformation. My clients have an intrinsic knowing that there exists something else beyond the impulse to continually work on their personal self. The clients who work with me are 100% ready to discover what this something else is. They are dedicated toward freedom in their life and are willing to do whatever brutally honest release work might be necessary.

What makes you different from other professionals in the personal development and self-improvement arena?

As explained above, my work involves releasing the entire structure of the personal self instead of improving aspects of the personal self by changing negative parts into positive ones. The goal of my work is to unveil your true, immortal, powerful Essence so that it can shine forth and operate freely in your life. Your real YOU has always been there. It is simply covered up by your densely-knit, inherited programming. My work helps you claim your birthright of True Freedom, which allows you to know who you really are, and then live from your true Self.

What makes you different from other professionals in the spiritual awakening and enlightenment industry?

What I have found to be the case with most spiritual awakening and enlightenment teachers is that they do not thoroughly understand the makeup of the personal self. Meditation is the tool that is promoted to quiet the mind and emotions so that one’s underlying immortal, powerful Essence can be recognized. This is a wonderful practice but has its limitations. What happens the moment a person gets up from their meditation cushion? The personal self resumes center stage. That’s because the personal self operates with enormous power and force. Generation after generation, its programming has been passed down for thousands of years. I am extremely doubtful that meditation can release our animal-body-based, instinctual survival programming. I’d say this is the reason so many teachers and gurus fall prey to their instinctual drives even though they had deep, abiding enlightenment occur. To live True Freedom in daily life in an embodied, integrated way, all our inherited programming has to be released. Only in this way can our true, powerful Essence express itself freely and fully in each moment.

What kind of a person do you work with best? What do you expect of me?

My one-on-one intensive program CHANGE YOUR LIFE IN 42 DAYS™ is designed for you if you are excited and serious about the prospect of releasing your unconscious, inherited programming. You are willing to look at your programmed self with complete honestly. You are also willing to let go of your learned knowledge so that you could approach my work with fresh eyes. You are willing to release your preconceived notions of what your immortal, powerful Essence is until you experience it first-hand yourself. Our current understanding of freedom revolves around making the personal self more positive. But this is not the freedom I am talking about. True Freedom is something very different from the freedom experienced by a positively transformed personal self.

For what type of person is your program NOT going to work?

Please know that I am extremely selective in who I work with because I need a person to be serious and ready to want to work with me. My unique approach of Constellation Work is very powerful and intense. You need to truly want freedom in your life. If freedom is not what you are after I am not the right person for you. This is why I screen each person very carefully to determine if my one-on-one program is a good fit. The people that end up working with me have a very high success rate in releasing their inherited programming. This saves a lot of years of therapy and money spent month after month on self-improvement work that in the end does not provide True Freedom. However, I am not a miracle worker. I can only help a person who wants freedom really badly. Such a human being is committed to letting go of any programming that might stand in the way of living with peace, joy, happiness and aliveness. With such a person my job is easy. We work together as a team toward the same goal – True Freedom for the person.

I DO charge a premium fee for my one-on-one intensive program. Therefore, my program is NOT for those who have no money and are financially destitute. It’s been my experience that people in financial crisis do not trust my guidance anyway. These people often argue and fight with me - especially the closer we come to a programming that threatens a person’s self-identity and unconscious survival strategies. This is when some people become super protective of their programming. It's a strange phenomenon. Whereas one would think people become more eager to drop the programming that entraps their true nature from living freely, they actually become more clingy and attached. Since I work strictly via intuitive direct-guidance, any kind of programming that stands in the way of a person’s freedom, I will literally smell it. Once I become aware of a programming operating in a person, I will point it out so that my clients can release it. This is why my work is right only for certain kinds of people and why I am extremely strict. I don’t accept anyone who I sense is not ready to work with me or who is unwilling to happily pay my fee.

If you fall within any of these two categories, I encourage you to read my unBook: True Freedom versus Self-Improvement. My unBook will help you tremendously in grasping clearly what the personal self is, what your true nature is and what process is involved in setting your true Self free. You are welcome to join my private Facebook group, engage with my blog posts and follow me on Instagram. You will learn a lot from my posts, videos, comments and answers. Plus, you may be want to check out my other programs by clicking here.

What exactly does your one-on-one intensive program CHANGE YOUR LIFE IN 42 DAYS™ include?

My program is unique and enormously helpful because you’ll have direct daily access to me for 42 days via unlimited email support and four one-on-one video calls. This sustained access to my guidance, support and direction will assist you in releasing the often extremely hidden, unconscious and incredibly stubborn inherited programming.

Week ONE (Day 1-7)

1. After you pay the program fee, I will send you a Questionnaire to fill out to specify details about your family history. I will also ask you to describe clearly the most pressing, current issue from which you would like to find freedom.

2. Once I receive your filled-out Family History Questionnaire and your stated intent for the program, I will take a few days to review it. I will meditate with it to get an intuitive understanding of your family history and the programming involved. This allows me to see which programming needs to be given priority in being released so that you will experience more freedom in your life.

3. As needed I will be in contact with you via email in case I need extra clarification on your family history. This back and forth email exchange with you before our first video meeting can be quite involved, depending on your family history. This correspondence will also be highly informative to you and might already generate insights and releases in you.

Week TWO (Day 8-14)

1. At the beginning of Week TWO we will have our first 60-minute video meeting. During that time I will ask you to state again the intent for your release work, which might have already changed and deepened due to our email correspondence. I will go over your family history with you and will explain the programming you inherited from your family system. I will show you how this and other programming create your personal self-identity. What else will happen during our first video meeting I cannot tell you because each process is directed via intuitive guidance and geared toward each individual person’s best possible outcome.

2. During Week TWO, we will remain in email contact as needed for you to integrate the information that was presented during our video meeting.

Week THREE (Day 15-21)

1. At the beginning of Week THREE, we will have our second video meeting, which will last around 60 minutes. I am unable to describe what will happen during this meeting since our time together is intuitively guided to assist your Liberation Process in the best possible way. But we will have released your programming during our first video meeting, or at least started the process. We might continue with the releasing process during this meeting, or we might begin with the integration process.

2. During Week THREE, we will remain in email contact as needed for you to integrate the information that was presented during our video meeting.

Week FOUR (Day 22-28)

1. At the beginning of Week FOUR, we will have our third video meeting, which will last around 60 minutes. Again, I cannot describe what will happen during this meeting since we will be intuitively guided to assist you becoming free of your programming. We will continue with the integration process of releasing any left over programming that still needs to be addressed.

2. During Week FOUR, we will remain in email contact as needed for you to integrate the information that was presented during our video meeting.

Week FIVE (Day 29-35)

1. At the beginning of Week FIVE, we will have our fourth and final video meeting, which will last around 60 minutes. During this hour together we will finish up whatever programming might still need to be released and healed so that you will have found complete freedom from it.

2. During Week FIVE, we will remain in email contact as needed for you to integrate the information that was presented during our video meeting.

Week SIX (Day 36-42)

During Week SIX, we will remain in email contact as needed to make sure that you have well integrated all the release work that has been facilitated for you so that freedom from your programming will have established itself.

Does your program really work?

Yes! The results of my work are multifold. Please visit the Client Testimonial Page on my website via this link:

What results can I expect?

You can expect to:

• Have big breakthroughs and Aha! moments

• Understand how your personal self functions and how your programmed self keeps joy, aliveness, peace and freedom away from you

• Experience calm, peace and freedom where you had felt stuck and trapped before

• Feel that a whole new way of life is opening up for you

• See and experience yourself in a much more expanded, free and more alive manner

• No longer operate from the same mindset and emotional reactivity - they have miraculously disappeared

• Gain enormous trust in life to guide you in the most perfect way

• Feel solid and grounded in your powerful Essence

• Know how to differentiate between the voice of your programmed self and the voice of your powerful Essence

• Opportunities that hadn’t existed before show suddenly up on your doorstep

• Sense that completely new possibilities are available to you, which you could not conceive of before

What have your past clients said about your work?

Please visit the Client Testimonial Page on my website via this link:

How quickly can I expect results?

The results will most likely have anchored in your life by the 42nd day. But changes, openings and releases toward freedom will have only begun. You can expect changes to continue for at least two years, maybe even longer. The changes and releases will appear in your life effortlessly, organically and completely on their own. It will not even occur to you to connect future changes with our work. You can expect that your internal and external freedom will continue to grow, new ways of expressing yourself will continue to surface, new opportunities will come your way and you will continue to feel your previous restrictions to loosen and disappear. This happens all the time!

Margot, based on everything I’ve read and heard about you, I know you’re the one with whom I want to work. What are my options for getting started with you?

Congratulations on deciding towards True Freedom, towards freeing your true nature, and towards wanting to live life freely with joy, aliveness, abundance and happiness. Currently, my one-on-one intensive program CHANGE YOUR LIFE IN 42 DAYS™ – A unique Constellation Approach to Release Generational Bocks and Past Programming for a Fast-Track to Vital Aliveness, Joy, Happiness and True Freedom is the only way you can work with me privately one on one. I have created this program for people like you who you want to live their life from their powerful Essence and no longer from their inherited, automatic programming. I wanted to make my potent healing system available in this way so that you can effortlessly engage in it from the comfort of your own home no matter where in the world you reside.

OK, I’m ready to do this for myself, but I have a few additional questions.

Wonderful. Sounds like you are ready to begin the discovery of a lifetime! I’d be more than happy to answer your questions during a thirty-minute Intro Call. However, I want to first make sure you are a good fit for my program and that I can really help you. Please click on the button below to send your request by telling me what stubborn and/or recurring issue you would like to find freedom from with my CHANGE YOUR LIFE IN 42 DAYS™intensive program. Once I have a clear sense that I can help you, I will email you, asking you to book your free Intro Call via a scheduling link. During the Intro Call I will share with you how we will go about freeing you of your programming. This call is also set up so that you can be certain I am the right person for you and that my one-on-one intensive program is a perfect fit for you.

Thank you for your interest in my work. I look forward hearing from you.

Warm greetings,

Margot Ridler

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